Bark Measurment of Beech (Fagus orientalis Lipsky.) in Tosakoti - Hyrcanian Forest.  

Ali Shekholeslami, Farid Kazemnezhad, Saied Akhshabi (Iran)


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Biotic and abiotic constraints to revegetation and establishment of functional ecosystem in degraded lands in a tropical environment.

Agele , S.O. (Nigeria)


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Effect of drought stress on the germination parameters of Cupressus seeds.

Fatemeh Ahmadloo, Masoud Tabari, Behzad Behtari (Iran)


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Validation of the AMBAV soil-water balance model to simulate soil water content in a grass field.

Aboutaleb Hezarjaribi, Ghorban Ali Roshani, Ghorban Ghorbani nasrabad, Hossein Ansari (Iran)


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Anatomical and microstructures features of tropical bamboo Gigantochloa brang, G. levis, G. scotechinii and G. wrayi

Mohd Tamizi Mustafa, Razak Wahab, Mahmud Sudin, Othman Sulaiman, Nurul Ain’ Mohd Kamal,  Izyan Khalid (Malaysia)


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The effects of land use on properties of soils developed over ophiolites in Turkey.

Gündoğan, H.Özyurt, A.E. Akay (Turkey)


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Important legume and grass forage crop species commonly found in natural mountain grasslands in Yusufeli -Artvin.

E. Dumlu, M. M. Özgöz, Ş. Çakal1, E. Aksakal, M. Uzun, U. Şimşek (Turkey)


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Plants and secondary metabolites (Tannins): A Review.

Shahin Hassanpour, Naser Maheri-Sis, Behrad Eshratkhah and Farhad Baghbani Mehmandar(Iran)


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